## What are the different workspace membership levels and what’s different about them? {#workspace-membership-levels}

Each member in a workspace is associated with a membership level. Depending on the level, the member can perform different workspace actions. The different membership levels are: Viewer, Editor, Admin and Owner.

### Viewer As a Viewer you can * browse all the story maps of a workspace, but you cannot create or edit story maps.

Note that you can create an unlimited number of Viewers without additional charge.

### Editor As a Editor you can * do all the things of a Viewer, plus * create new story maps, * edit and delete any story map.

### Admin As an Admin you can * do all the things of an Editor, plus * manage workspace members, * create and delete workspace invites, * change workspace settings.

### Owner As an Admin you can * do all the things of a Admin, plus * manage workspace paid plans, * change billing settings, * delete the workspace.

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