Featmap 2.0 has been released

2020-12-09 · The new version comes with support for personas in your user story map.

New feature: Story annotations

2020-09-01 · Add annotations to your stories.

New feature: discuss stories

2020-08-13 · Write comments directly on stories.

Introducing paid plans

2020-04-27 · Featmap is introducing paid plans as our next step in our journey.

COVID-19 Update

2020-04-07 · Featmap update on activities and operations with regards to COVID-19.

We Need Your Input

2020-04-07 · Help Featmap become the #1 user story mapping tool.

An introduction to user story mapping

2019-04-29 · Creating a product roadmap is one of the trickiest part of product management. User story mapping can bring clearity and alignment to every product manager. Here's an introduction to user story mapping.