The simple user story mapping tool

Featmap is a simple user story mapping tool for product managers to build, plan and communicate product backlogs.

🤨 what's user story mapping, exactly? Read An introduction to user story mapping.


Stop the waste

Helps you to deliver the most valuable slice of your product


Work together

Collaborate with collegagues on the same project


Keep everybody on track

Share the full product roadmap with colleages and external stakeholders


Reduce risk

Plan and track the progress of your releases


Tell the big picture story

Story maps are the perfect visual aid to communicate the big picture


Built to change

Featmap is built from the ground up to make changes to your product backlog easy


Carefully plan product releases

Make sure releases are valuable product slices, which fit within your team's capacity


Involve the entire team

Get your whole team to refine the product backlog

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Built with by Jens.

This project is open source! Check out the repository on GitHub.